Excursion program for Congress of Asian Association of cardiovascular and thoracal surgeons (ASCVTS-2018)

Bus tours

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The classical Bus Sightseeing Tour of the capital: “Moscow in the 21st Century”

Duration 3,5-4 hours

The first step to know Russia better is to explore its heart Moscow! During this excursion, you will dive into the atmosphere of the Russian capital. You will be able to see its famous sites and you will certainly fall in love with this city forever! Classical Bus Sightseeing Tour “Moscow in the 21st Century” includes Red Square, Alexandrovsky Garden, St. Christ Savior Cathedral, Vorobyovy Hills, Novodevichiy Monastery, Poklonnaya Hill, high-tech bridge Bagration and other places.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour + lifting to the top of Ostankinskaya TV tower + dinner in the legendary restaurant “The Seventh Heaven”

Duration 5-6 hours

2 tours in one! Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour with visiting viewing platform of Ostankinskaya TV Tower is the possibility to see Moscow, its famous sites and look at our dear capital at the height of 347 meters. After the tour, you will be able to travel in a splendid world of Moscow panoramas and enjoy delicious food of Russian and European cuisine at the restaurant “The Seventh Heaven”.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour with visiting Tretyakov Picture Gallery

Duration 5-6 hours

We offer you to combine the tour around the center of the capital and great places of Moscow with the visit to Tretyakov Picture Gallery, which is the museum that has one of the world’s largest collections of Russian paintings.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour with visiting Novodevichiy Monastery and its Necropolis

Duration 5-6 hours

Moscow Sightseeing Tour with visiting Novodevichiy Monastery and its Necropolis – is not only the possibility to see the sights of our dear capital, but it is also the way to learn about famous Russian actors and actresses such as E.Obraztsova, Y. Yakovlev, Y. Nikulin, L.Gurchenko, E.Leonov, O. Yankovsky and others.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour + lifting to the viewing platform of Moskva-City – the 58th floor of the Tower “Imperia”

Duration 5-6 hours

After fascinating Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour, you will have a unique chance to visit legendary Moscow International Business Center “Moskva-City” and to lift to the viewing platform at high altitude. You will learn about the history of the place where modern business building complex “Moskva-City”is located now, about some particularities of its construction, its uniqueness and multifunctionality, and you will learn something about the history of the construction of high-rise buildings in Moscow.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour + The Bolshoy Theatre Tour + Performance (as an option)

Duration 5-6 hours

Another Moscow Sightseeing Tour with the essential sights of the capital is the The Bolshoy Theatre Tour, which includes the excursion on the history and the architecture of the Bolshoy Theatre.

Moscow Bus Sightseeing Tour + Tour to Moscow Metro

Duration 5-6 hours

During this tour, you will see not only beautiful sights of Moscow on the surface but also real underground palaces which may be seen only in Moscow Metro!

The Bus Tour “Heart of Capital”: Red Square, the Kremlin Museum, Armory Chamber, Diamond Fund, the Palace of the Facets (as an option)

Duration 5-6 hours

During the tour to the Moscow Kremlin you will visit interior territory of the Kremlin, Uspenski cathedral and Arkhangelsky cathedral of the Moscow Kremlin. In Armory Chamber you will see the largest collection of Russian and foreign arts and crafts of 5-19 centuries. The main object of Museum is the Great Princes’ Treasury, which started from the 14th century. Diamond Fund is a unique collection of jewellery works of art of the 18-20 centuries.

Sightseeing Tour on Radisson Boat with dinner

Unforgettable journey on a boat with sightseeing tour of the famous places of the capital (Red Square, St. Christ Savior Cathedral, monument to Peter the 1st, Vorobyovy Hills).

Walking tours

(Transfer isn't included)

Duration 2 hours

Arbat walking tour

Let’s take a walk on the most famous street of Moscow. We will see the house-museum of A. Pushkin and also the monument to the Poet and to his wife N. Goncharova; we will see Vakghtangov Theatre and a beautiful fountain with the statue of the princess Turandot, Bulat Okudjava’s house and a monument to the Poet. We will learn where there used to be a haunted house with ghosts. You will be shown the mansion of Vtorov, famous Russian merchant, the actual residence of American Ambassador – Spaso-House. We will also see Starokonnusheny side-street and we will go the house-museum of the family of Russian famous film director, Porokhovshikov.

Zamoskvorechye walking tour

There is a wonderful place, the Zamoskvorechye, which lies behind the Moskva river and the Kremlin. It is a province inside the capital. And even now in the 21st century it saved its flavor, originality and spirit. The streets Bolshaya Ordyinka, Pyatnitskaya, Bolshaya Polyanka are the rays of the sun of the Zamoskvorechye. Each street has its own history, which you will learn during the Zamoskvorechye walking tour.

Tsaritsyno walking tour

During the tour to “Tsaritsyno” you will visit the Bolshoy Palace and take a walk in the Khlebny House. You will learn why the beautiful palace of the Great Emperatrice turned into ruins. You will enjoy the beauty of Tsaritsyno Park, its buildings and Tsaritsyno ponds. Our guide will tell you about the story and the most interesting facts of the life of Ekaterina the Second.

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