Consent to processing of personal data

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Website of the event - a collection of related web pages, including multimedia content, identified with a common domain name, belonging to the Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons.

User - any individual browsing the Websites on the Internet from PC or a smartphone.

Registration - the process of entering data by which the User gains access to a computer system for identification. As a result unique ‘login’ and “password’ are created to register on the site.

User’s account – user’s access to the individual settings and reports via web-interface.

The Russian Association of Cardiovascular Surgeons (hereinafter referred to as Association) provides access to the Websites of the event for the User on the condition of Consent to processing of personal data (hereinafter referred to as Consent).

By accepting this Consent the User enables the Association to carry out the following actions (operations) with the personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, retrieval, use, deletion, blocking, transfer (dissemination, provision, access), destruction.

Read status reporting of the Consent shall be the acceptance of personal data processing while using the Website of the event.

Before using the Website of the event User shall read the Consent.

Obtained personal data

1.1. User’s personal data is collected by the Website of the event in an automatic mode. Personal data includes:

1.2. Codes of statistics counting services which collect personal data in an automatic mode can be posted on the Website. Possible data collected:

1.3. When using site services the User voluntarily transmits the following personal data in a web-form to the Association:

The purpose of Personal Data processing

Implementation of the commitments made by the Association while concluding the User Agreement on the Website services.

Statistical and marketing researches of anonymous data.

For marketing informational dispatch.

Terms of personal data processing

Personal data is processed by the Association during the time necessary for purposes fulfilment.

The Consent can be withdrawn by the User within 4 years or earlier (provided that paysites were not used) by sending an appropriate notice to the address of Association: Moscow, 121552, Rublevskoe shosse, 135 or to the email address User’s identifier, login and email should be mentioned in the notification.

In case the Consent is withdrawn, User’s access to the account can be limited.

Validity Period of Consent

This Consent remains valid since its acceptance till User’s withdrawal by sending a corresponding request.

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